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Pakistan government reduces Christian representation and damages their national identity

Karachi: June 23, 2011. (PCP) Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC said in a statement issued here today by Central Council of PCC that 18th Amendment in constitution of Islamic republic of Pakistan which was signed by all Muslim political parties have stamped 20 million Pakistani to be 3rd class citizen in their native land which was occupied by Muslim aggressors from Central Asia and Middle East.

It was blunder of SP Singha and Ralia Ram, Christian leaders of All India Christian Association to vote in favour of formation of Pakistan in Round-Table Conferences in London in 1930-1931, and for their presentation before Boundary Commission to divide Punjab, during Pakistan Movement, only on verbal assurances of Mohammad Ali Jinnah, being as President of All India Muslim League.

The mysterious role of Britsh Raj to convince SP Singha and Ralia Ram to support All India Muslim League’s Pakistan Movement for independent Pakistan, on comments of Mohammad Ali Jinnah that Christians and Muslims are people of book and will live in harmony with equal rights.

The Pakistan Resolution of 1940, passed in All India Muslim League, Lahore, session which ensured equal rights of religious minorities in Pakistan was a drama document to seek support of Christian to vote for division of Punjab for lot of Pakistan.

SP Singha only demanded one written assurance from Mohammad Ali Jinnah that Separate Electorate and due share in democratic institutions will be given to Christians in Pakistan but where is Separate Electorate and representation proportional to population of Christian?

“The Muslim leadership have scratched role of Pakistani Christians in Pakistan Movement and turned them to 3rd class citizens” said Nazir Bhatti

Dr. Bhatti added “Christians had 5 seats in Punjab Assembly during British Raj in subcontinent of India and 4 in Legislative Assembly of Pakistan in 1947, When Founder of Pakistan Mohammad Ali Jinnah became first Governor General of Pakistan”

Christians had 6 seats in National Assembly of Pakistan during ZA Bhutto regime of Pakistan Peoples Party PPP. The military dictator reduced Christian seats from 6 to 4 in 1985, when in present regime Christians have only 2 seats.

Nazir Bhatti said selection of Christians under Joint Electorate snatches their right to elect their representative in parliament and 18th Amendment has killed their identity in Pakistan by devolution of Federal Minority Ministry.

“We opposed abolishment of Separate Electorate and imposition of Joint Electorate by General Parvez Mushrraf and criticized role of late Shahbaz Bhatti on his silence on 18th Amendment when draft was presented for approval in Cabinet meeting where he was also present” said Nazir Bhatti

Nazir S Bhatti demanded election of Christian on reserved seats in parliament instead of Selection by Muslims political parties.


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