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PCC Seminars on Christian_Muslim Dialogues

Christian-Muslim Dialogues and Seminars


The 4th amendment in Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan 1973, Ahmadi, s claiming to be Muslims were turned to be non-Muslims. The Controversy of being a Muslim and non-Muslim originated creating Hat rate and despair, assuming the phenomena of believer and non-believer in God Almighty. The Muslims were taken as believers only and all other religious communities being treated as "Kafirs". Ahmadi Community with high profiles in Bureaucracy, Armed forces, Business Concerns and social field, instead of dialogues on issue of Muslim and non-Muslim with in state, decided to put up this matter on international forums. Sir Zafer Ulla Khan, the first foreign Minster of Pakistan, an Ahamdi Muslim along with other notable’s abroad, succeeded to aware the western Countries that Ahmadi Muslim are being victimized by the majority. The broad base immigration of Ahmadi community took place in 1975-1980. They shifted their Head Quarters to West Africa and only small agricultural landowners and businessmen were left in Pakistan.

The next target of Muslim majority were Christians being 12% of population, a balancing vote power in Pakistan. In 1971 national General election, Pakistan Peoples Party won Elections in West Pakistan on the Balancing Vote Bank of Christian, alarming the religious Political Parties, the ultimate power of Christians and their role in future.

In 1977, the Religious Political Parties, as B team of martial law regime of Zia-ul-Haq, succeeded to pressuring the military government to enforce the Islamic laws in Pakistan. The 1980, was the beginning of victimization of Christians in Pakistan. As the Christian Leadership to aware the international Communities, the unjust behavior of majority Muslims, The fears of Christians, came to reality when Blasphemy laws were enforced and Christian were arrested and sentenced. The Christian being a poor

community was Unable to initiate mass migration in west and no country have intention to accept them as it was in the case of Ahmadi Muslim, the dialogue between Christian and Muslim was need of time. But who shall initiate these dialogues was an important Question mark? The Christian Clergy of Pakistan have put this issue for their own benefits and to seek migration for their relatives abroad, leaving the General Christian stranded behind.

The Pakistan Christian Congress decided to come forward and to organize seminars in major cities of Pakistan to openly discuss

the Blasphemy laws and Islamic laws implementation, to express Christian point of view and to listen the Muslim Religious and Political leaders. In 1997, The PCC organized seminars at,

1) Karachi.

2) Quetta.

3) Islamabad.

The government of Pakistan refused to permit to hold Seminars at, Lahore. Peshawar.


The prominent religious and political leaders participated in these seminars and delivered lectures and Muslim point of view on Islamic laws and listened to PCC leaders presentations and Christian religious leaders concerns. The following were the participants.


Qazi Hussain Ahmad, Amir, Jamat Islami Pakistan.

Prof. Abdul Ghafoor, Naib Amir.JI

Senator, Taj Haider, PPP

Senator, Hafiz Hussain Ahmad, Sec. General, JUI (F)

Salim Balouch, President Sindh JWP.

Sec. General, Tehreek Fiqqa Jaferia Pakistan.

Sant Sing, MPA.

D. Bughti, Speaker Balouchistan Assembly.

And many other provincial leaders of religious and political parties.


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