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Dual Voting Right can ensure equal right for Christian in Pakistan

Karachi: April 12, 2011. (PCP) The Central Council of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC Secretariat in Karachi issued statement of PCC Chief Dr. Nazir S Bhatti demanding election of Christian representation in parliament instead of Selection under Joint Electorate imposed by former military ruler General Parvez Musharraf.

Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC said that violence against 20 million Pakistani Christian have risen after abolishment of Separate Electorate in Pakistan by General Parvez Musharraf in 2002.

The attack on Christian life and property on pretext to blasphemy was at peak on imposition of Joint Electorate on minorities in Pakistan. The hundreds of Christian homes were destroyed by Muslim mobs. There were broad day light killing of blasphemy accused Christians by hands of radical Muslims. The Christian children, women and elders were burnt alive by extremist Muslim after Joint Electorate system in Pakistan.

Dr. Nazir Bhatti said “ Joint Electorate which enables Muslim political groups to Select Christian parliamentarians is not democratic and turns them to be 3rd class citizens in Pakistan“

Joint Electorate was demanded by NCJP, Pakistan Caritas, Bishops Conference of Pakistan and Christian tools of Pakistani establishment claiming that Separate Electorate is root cause of Christian persecution and Joint Electorate will lead to repeal blasphemy law in Pakistan.

Pakistan Christian Congress PCC was only political front in Pakistan to oppose Joint Electorate and demanding Dual Voting Right for Christians.

Dual Voting Right is practiced in Azad Kashmir of Pakistan when Kashmiri living in Pakistan vote for Legislative Assembly of Azad Kashmir and National Assembly of Pakistan at same time.

Dr. Nazir Bhatti clarified that Catholic clergy in Pakistan demanded Joint Electorate because they had lost VVIP status in government after Separate Electorate when elected representatives of Christians were invited by governors and President of Pakistan in national moots.

“There might have been not assassination of Shahbaz Bhatti if Separate Electorate was in Pakistan because violence on pretext to blasphemy arose to peak in Pakistan after Joint Electorate” said Nazir Bhatti

PCC chief said that 20 million Pakistani Christians demand representation proportional to population in National Assembly of Pakistan which is only solution to problems of Christians.

“International forums must note that we had 4 seats in Legislative Assembly of Pakistan in 1947, when House was of 69 seats and 3 seats after elections of 2008 when House was of 342 seats” said Nazir Bhatti

Dr. Nazir Bhatti demanded 13% seats in National Assembly of Pakistan under Dual Voting Right that Christian may elect their representatives instead of Selection under prevailing Joint Electorate.




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