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A Pakistani Jew to visit Israel is shift in policy. By Dr. Nazir Bhatti


Pakistani government of PTI led by Imran Khan announces visit of one Pakistani Jew to Israel which have amazed many political and social circles of society. There is not endorsement of Israel among countries on Pakistani Passports which means that on Passport of this Pakistani Jew the Israel will be added as country for travel. There is one very important question arises on statement of this Pakistani Jew also, as per authorities, the mother of this Jew in question, married a Muslim man but he did not accepted religion of Islam as his siblings but applied to register with NADRA as Jew.

It is very symbolic that this Jew was born as Muslim and raised as Muslim in a house where he practiced Islam but wanted to be a Jew after becoming adult. It means that law of changing religion is eased in Pakistan and now any Muslim can declare at ease to adopt any other religion.

The Imran Khan who is Premier of Pakistan but he married a Jew woman and have children from her who are living with mother in UK but not in Pakistan. Is this drama of one Pakistani Jew to move to another dimension when Sons of Imran khan may declare that they want to be JEWS as their mother is and not religion of Islam which beholds Imran Khan? There may be serious conspiracy against such a move by this government.

In a Senate of Pakistan when Senator Raza Rabbani raised question that “Weather Pakistan is Changing policy towards Israel” but not any satisfactory reply was given on floor of Senate House. Meanwhile, spokesman for Foreign Office dismissed any shift in Pakistan policy towards Israel without explaining that how Pakistan was endorsed in Passport of that travelling Pakistani Jew.

   I knew Mr. Ashraf P Butt Advocate who have been leading protest processions in Karachi with his members of AGFP to demand Christians pilgrimage to their sacred places in Israel since 1990, but government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan never paid due attention on it. Advocate Butt was of view that when Muslims are allowed to perform religious rituals abroad then why Christians are not permitted.

At that time only, Joseph who lived in Korangi area of Karachi was only Jew and none of other Jewish Pakistani nationals was found on record.

Now, Pakistani government suddenly comes up with data of Jews community members registered with NADRA amounting to about 700, which makes very surprising for common Pakistani people.

I knew there was big property of Jews in name of Jews Mosque in Ranchore Lines areas of Karachi where only one Jew Woman was living but after 1980, that property was taken over by Muslim builders and no one was from Jewish community to claim it.

There was Jews graveyard in Karachi of Jews but no new grave was built in this graveyard till writing these lines then where were these 700 hundred Jews from years. Were they in hiding?

But anyhow, it is very promising sign that Pakistan have opened doors for Jews visit to Israel and soon, the Pakistani Christians will be allowed for pilgrimage to Israel. 

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