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PCC demands CM Punjab to arrest PTI leader and SHO in murder of Liaquat Masih

Karachi: January 16, 2016. (PCP) Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC in a statement issued here today from Central Secretariat of PCC has demanded Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif to arrest S A Hameed, President of Pakistan Tehreek Insaf PTI Gujranwala, SHO of Rahwali Cantt Police Station and investigation officer involved in torture and killing of Liaquat Masih.

According to Kharum Masih, son of murdered Liaquat Masih who was also illegally detained with his father told media that S A Hameed PTI leader, Raza Hameed son of S A Hameed and SHO were present when policemen took clothes of his father in torture cell and tied his hands with rope and hanged them and started beating him with bamboo sticks until he was not dead.

Liaquat Masih died on Wednesday January 13, 2016 midnight at about 2:00 am during the police investigation and torture in a theft case in the Rahwali Cantt Police Station Gujranwala while next morning police took dead body of Liaquat Masih for the post-mortem in the District Hospital Gujranwala where medico legal pronounced death due to heart attack to cover up killing.

 Liaquat Masih aged 45, resident of Village Klasskaye Kot Proya, about 20 kilometers from Gujranwala city was employed as driver by S A Hameed from 15 years.

On November 15, 2015 Raza Hameed s/o S A Hameed lodged theft complain against unknown, in the Police Station Rahwali Cantt, and get registered a case FIR no.570/2015 offence under section 457 and 380 PPC of steeling and trespassing the house at midnight.

S A Hameed and his son Raza Hameed accused Liaquat Masih for steeling valuable material including watches, jewelry, US Dollars (currency of United States) and Saudi Riyal (currency of Saudi Arabia) etc cost 2 Karor. He also blamed Rubina Bibi wife of Liaquat Masih and Khuram Masih aged 22 his elder son for theft.

Hameed has been beating and torturing Liaquat Masih, his son and other servants time to time himself and forced them to admit the robbery. During self-styled investigation he beat severely another Christian couple Rubina and Babar Masih who do cleaning at his house and inquired with the cook who left job already since six months. After due formalities S A Hameed released all servants from the case but did not released Liaquat and Khuram and have been investigating the matter privately at his place. Later Raza Hameed asked police to start investigation with servants of S A Hameed, including Liaquat Masih and his son. Police set freed all servants but continually and repeatedly tortured Liaquat Masih and Khuram Masih and kept them at police lockup for weeks in illegal detention.

Rubina Bibi asked help from local influenced Nasir Cheema (a local political personality and other local influenced political leadership to help his son and husband to get release from the police custody. S A Hameed did not care of any influenced approached him to be sympatric to innocent poor servants. Nasir Cheema asked a lawyer named Imran Arif Khokher advocate high court based Gujranwala to deal this matter legally as he wanted to help victims at this poor time. Imran Arif Khokher advocate filed pre-arrest bails of Liaquat Masih and Khuram Masih in the Session’s Courts Gujranwala, after two or three day to day hearings they got pre arrest bails on January 13, 2016 till January 19, 2016. Liaquat and Khuram get released from the two months illegal detention of police.

On January 13, 2016 after bails when they were on the way to home, police again arrested both and took them to the Rahwali Cantt Police Station. Police constables started severe torture to Khurram on the order of the Station House Officer (SHO) while Raza Hameed s/o S A Hameed was present in the police station to encourage police for the torture and killing of Liaquat.

Dr. Nazir Bhatti feared that police will kill Kharum Masih also as he is eye witness of murder of his father Liaquat Masih.

PCC Chief said that right action will be taken by Christians of Punjab if Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif not ordered registration of murder of Liaquat Masih against SA Hameed who is PTI leader, his son Raza Hameed, SHO Rahwali Cantt, Police Station, Investigation Officer and police constable involved in torture to kill a poor Christian Liaquat Masih.


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