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PCC write to PM of UK to not take any action against Altaf Hussain

 Karachi; July 21, 2013. The Central secretariat of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC has issued content of letter written to Prime Minister of UK by chief of PCC Dr. Nazir S Bhatti to refrain from taking any action against Chief of MQM in London on political grounds because it will damage image of UK among poor citizen of Pakistan.

In recent weeks, the visit of Prime Minister of United kingdom UK and Foreign Secretary of UK was taken as part of propaganda campaign of UK to tell people of Pakistan that London police which is investigation against Altaf Hussain and MQM is free and government of UK not interfere in it;

Dr. Nazir Bhatti said “The people of Pakistan not forget when caravan of Altaf Hussain was warmly welcomed in UK and he was awarded citizenship of UK after admitting that cases of killing, torture and law and order in Pakistan against him were politically motivated”

Pakistan Christian Post PCP sources revealed that money transferred to Altaf Hussain from Pakistan was through banks not through “Hawala” from years and it was of donations as claimed by MQM Karachi then why UK administration kept close its eyes and not warned MQM London office to take note of it to set money transfers per UK laws.

“PCC chief urged PM of UK in his letter not to act against Altaf Hussain and MQM London office on political grounds but give it a chance to support poor and middle class of Pakistan to whom only MQM represents” said Dr. Bhatti in his letter to UK PM

Here are content of letter which were duly confirmed by 10 Downing Street of reciept’

“On behalf of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC, I wish to draw your kind attention towards Mr. Altaf Hussain, Chief of MQM, on ongoing investigation against MQM; There is silent propaganda in Pakistan that UK administration pulled Altaf Hussain out of Pakistan when dozens of cases were against him and he was awarded with citizenship and bearded such money transfers for years which was through banks. The people of Pakistan believe that government of UK is filing these cases under commitment with Talban who demanded Nawaz in federation, Imran in KPK and JI and PTI in Karachi which are Talban supporting parties in Pakistan; As MQM defended itself in election 2013, and PTI and JI which are Talban supported in Pakistan failed to capture Karachi, the UK government was forced to kill MQM by targeting MQM Chief Altaf in London; Sir, I would submit that MQM is only represented political group of poor people of Pakistan which was threat to feudal and business class: so MQM may be given chance.

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