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Formation of Separate Christian Province in Pakistan is and outstanding demand of PCC

Karachi; September 2, 2012. (PCP) Pakistan Christian Congress PCC Chief Dr. Nazir S Bhatti demanded Separate Christian Province on division of Punjab in 1992, which is not a dream in 2012 but a very popular demand of every Christian in Pakistan.

The common Christian in Pakistan is of view that Muslim majority has failed to establish social justice in society and Pakistan is no more a liberal democratic state where individuals may enjoy equal rights but turned to be an Islamic state where Sharia laws are targeting other religious communities.

When government of Pakistan have established a Commission for formation of new provinces on division of Punjab, the voices and drawing room discussions among Christian activists for decades are came in open that if they remained silent at this moment then their existence in Pakistan will be scratched forever, the demand of Separate Christian Province is in momentum.

Dr. Nazir S Bhatti said that Pakistani Christian want representation in “Commission” which will decide formation of new provinces on division of Punjab.

It is on record that whenever there is any important decision making forum, the Christians are sidelined and never taken in confidence; like constitutional committees drafting 18th Amendment in constitution in which Christians were declared non-Muslims instead of minorities and Federal Minorities Ministry was put in devolution list.

The government and Muslim political groups have imposed election system of their choice on minorities while Christian and Hindus, both leading religious communities in Pakistan, have been never consulted. One government imposes Joint Electorate while other Separate Electorate system.

The sessions of “National Minority Commission” are never called nor recommendations are ever sought by Christians, Hindus, Ahamdiyyas or other religious communities to know that what type of election system they like? What are their religion issues?

The Christian took active part in Pakistan Movement and favored formation of Pakistan with their vote in London Round Table Conferences of 1930-32, and to fall Punjab in lot of Pakistan voted before Boundary Commission but Muslim historian and government have scratched their contribution to declare Pakistan to be an Islamic Republic.

There are rising incidents of kidnapping, gang rape and enforced conversion to Islam of Christian women but justice is never ensured. The Islamic laws protect rapists and kidnapper Muslims.

The blasphemy law incites Muslim mobs to attack on Churches and Christian life and property but criminals are never punished.

The Christians are denied fair and proportional share in democratic institutions and resources of state which have turned Christians to be second class citizens in Pakistan.

Nazir Bhatti said “If Muslims claim that Pakistan was formed by Muslim for Muslims, then where is our share in Pakistan because we also voted for it”

In Punjab province of Pakistan where Christian are second biggest population after Muslims and for which All India Christian Association leaders voted before Boundary Commission, the Punjabi Christian have constitutional right to seek part in its division.

Nazir Bhatti said “The Separate Christian Province will be a federal administrative unit of Pakistan not any independent state”

Nazir Bhatti said that Pakistan Christian Congress PCC will present a memorandum to Prime Minister of Pakistan Raja Parvez Ashraf on formation of Separate Christian Province on division of Punjab.

PCC Chief urged all Christian political groups and human right activists to unite and voice for formation of Separate Christian Province unless it’s too late.

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