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Pakistani Christian will not vote PPP if Paul Bhatti included in new cabinet

Karachi: June 21, 2012. (PCP) Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC said that All Pakistan Minorities Alliance APMA have lost confidence of Christian community and Christian clergy after media reports published on behalf of former Advisor to former Prime Minister on National Harmony Dr. Paul Bhatti that some Christians are blackmailing him and his threatening comments through a press release to Holland Based media activist Watson Gill who runs Global Christian Voice website.

On June 14, 2012, Express Tribune reported that “Minorities’ minister claims being blackmailed” report says “Minister in-charge for National Harmony Dr Paul Bhatti has claimed that some ‘self-proclaimed representatives of minorities’ are blackmailing him to mint money from his ministry”. News story adds more “Sohail Roomi, Jibran Gill, Liaqat Bhatti, etc, are pressurising the office of the minister in-charge to get plots allotted in their names and other monetary benefits instead of demanding support for the general minority communities,” Dr Paul said.

Dr. Nazir Bhatti said that Paul Bhatti is a self-proclaimed Christian leader also has been not elected by Christian voters nor he has any record of struggle for Christian rights in Pakistan.

Nazir Bhatti added “APMA is divided in different factions and every group is trying to cash sacrifice of Shahbaz Bhatti”

“I am surprised to note that Paul Bhatti used his government office to threaten media and issued a press release to Global Christian Voice only to press upon Mr. Watson Gill” said Nazir Bhatti

Paul Bhatti attacked freedom of expression by issuing press release on Global Christian Voice which PCC strongly condemns.

Dr. Nazir Bhatti demanded President of Pakistan and Co-Chairperson of Pakistan Peoples Party PPP not to include Dr. Paul Bhatti in cabinet after elections of new Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Nazir Bhatti said that if PPP included Paul Bhatti in new cabinet then Pakistan Christian Congress PCC will launch a campaign “Not to Vote for PPP” in forthcoming national general elections in Pakistan.

The Central Executive Council members of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC in an urgent meeting here today discussed political situation of country and expressed grave concern of disqualification of Premier Yousaf Raza Gillani by Supreme Court of Pakistan.

PCC Central Council passed a unanimous resolution condemning PPP, PML (N), PML (Q) and MQM selected Christian parliamentarians on reserved seats who have been failed to secure employment for Christian youth and bring socio-economic uplift among oppressed Christians.

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