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Enforcedly converted Hindu women under life threat in shelters

Karachi: March 28, 2012. (PCP) Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC have strongly condemned forced conversions of Christian and Hindu women to Islam in Pakistan and urged Supreme Court of Pakistan to ensure safety of Hindu girls Rinkle kumari and Dr. Lata to whom it ordered to send to Darul-Aman on March 26, 2012, instead of their request to send them with their parents in court hearing.

Nazir Bhatti said “PCC have information’s that Muslim clerics and family members of Muslim kidnappers who converted Rinkle Kumari to Islam and forced her to marry with Naveed Shah are threatening her in Darul-Aman “Women Shelter” of death if she again request Supreme Court to go with her parents in hearing on April 8, 2012.”

Rinkle Kumari requested Supreme Court of Pakistan Bench headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Choudhry on March 26, 2012, “Send me with my parents or kill me here in court but don’t send me to Darul-Aman. Everyone in Pakistan is hand in glove, there is justice only for Muslims, there is no justice for Hindus and they will kill us". While Dr. Lata Kumari requested Supreme Court Judges that “I want to meet my parents and to go with them”.

Nazir Bhatti said “Everyone knows that Darul-Amans in Pakistan are run by provincial governments where from Supervisor to guards are all Muslim employees who cannot provide free and fair atmosphere to Rinkle and Lata to decide about their future but Supreme Court ordered to send victims of forced conversion to Islam in such Shelters against their will to go with parents”

Nazir Bhatti said that Darul-Amans in Pakistan have very bad reputation and scandals of running forced “Prostitute Rings” of inmate women by Muslim lady Supervisors and let anyone enter at nights on small bribes to guards is common practice. Such incidents have been appearing in press media if any inmate complains but mostly it goes unreported on fear of harsh punishments.

“It is Ironic that Sindh High Court not allowed meeting of parents of these forced converted Hindu women nor dispersed hundreds of Muslim gathered in compound to favor Conversion to Islam with banners and play cards and same happens in Supreme Court of Pakistan” said Nazir Bhatti

Rinkle Kumari daughter of Nandlal resident of Mirpur Mathello Sindh province of Pakistan was kidnapped on February 24, 2012, and her parents were informed by a Muslim cleric that she have accepted religion Islam. Dr Lata daughter of Dr Ramesh resident of Jaccobabad city was kidnapped from Karachi, whereas another Aasha Devi from Larkana had also been abducted forcibly.

There are hundreds of abduction and forced conversion cases of Christians and Hindu women in Pakistan every year which go unreported due to poverty of parents who cannot afford long legal battles or in fear of influential Muslim kidnappers.

The Islamic law of apostasy which decree death to those who leave religion Islam after conversion keep victims of forced converted women silent that they must be killed and their kidnappers use weapon of apostasy law to refrain them to speak their mind and will freely in front of Pakistani Courts if such issue is brought before them.

Nazir Bhatti said that Supreme Court of Pakistan have never rescued victims of blasphemy law or other Islamic laws while appeal of Christian woman Asia Bibi in Lahore High Court is pending from years who was sentenced to death on accusation of blasphemy.

“We have no great hopes in Rinkle Kumari and Lata Kumari kidnap and enforced conversion to Islam case from Supreme Court of Pakistan because it also avoided arrangement of meeting of these women with their parents or let them go with their families as demanded by victims and ordered to send them to Shelters where they are facing pressure and threats from Muslim religious leaders and family of kidnappers of killing on apostasy” added Nazir Bhatti

Nazir S Bhatti, Chief of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC said that time have come that Supreme Court of Pakistan may prove that it is higher court for Christians, Hindus, Ahmadi and other religious minorities of Pakistan also nor of Muslims only or it is part of Federal Shariat Court of Pakistan where Islamic laws are upheld.


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