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Pakistan Christian Congress condemn PTA on banning word Jesus in Text messages

Karachi: November 21, 2011. (PCP) Dr. Nazir s Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC have strongly condemned directives of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority PTA on banning word Jesus Christ in text messages on mobile phones.

A statement issued here by Central secretariat of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC said that there are more than million Christian mobile phone subscribers in Pakistan who wish blessings with each other in Holy name of Jesus Christ in their messages while inclusion of word “Jesus Christ” in obscene words by PTA is against rights of Christian consumers.

Nazir Bhatti said that censorship on mobile text messages is denial of basic human rights and religious freedom enshrined in constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

There appear thousands of text messages in which Christians are called “infidels” “Bangi” “Choora” (Bangi and Choora are hate words used for Christians by Muslims) to spread hate against Christian citizens of Pakistan from Muslim subscribers of mobile phones but such words are not included in obscene word list by PTA.

“The recent move of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority PTA to ban word Jesus Christ in mobile text messages is to undermine religious freedom in Pakistan. The devolution of Federal Minority Ministry after assassination of Shahbaz Bhatti was first phase to target identity of Pakistani Christians and to enlist Jesus Christ in 1000 obscene words in text messages on mobile phones is another episode to deny presence of Christians in Pakistan” added Nazir Bhatti

The mobile text messages in Pakistan are being used by some Churches, clergy, Christian activists and political organizations as part of social media for evangelism and gatherings which was disliked by administration and Islamic elements in government.

The Muslim youth was also using words “Jesus, Its awesome” “Jesus Christ, is it true” “swear upon Jesus” and many other expressions on text messages which were notified as “aggression of Christianity in Islamic Republic of Pakistan” by Islamists.

In Pakistan, some companies are selling blocks of mobile numbers for bulk text messages to enable any one to spread messages and information which was being used by Christian activists also.

The assassination of only Catholic Federal Minister for Minorities Martyr Shahbaz Bhatti in Islamabad on his move to revise controversial blasphemy law brought Christian persecution in limelight of international community and presence of millions of Christians in Pakistan which was never noticed earlier.

There is White stripe in Pakistani Flag with Green part to accept struggle of Christian in Pakistan Movement and formation of Pakistan during British colonial rule in sub-continent of India but now Muslims are conspiring to paint ‘all Green” in Pakistani Flag.

Dr. Nazir Bhatti said “There is no Federal Minority Ministry in Pakistan and no federal minority minister and those who are claiming to be Minority Minister are part of National Harmony Ministry”

“Pakistani Christians are raged on media news that word Jesus Christ is included in list of obscene words in PTA text messages directives but where was Christian Advisor to Prime Minister of Pakistan, Christian State Minister for National Harmony Ministry and other Christian members in parliament when PTA was preparing such list of obscene words?” said Nazir Bhatti

Nazir Bhatti demanded government of Pakistan to constitute “National Minority Commission” headed by any acting or retired Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan in true spirit of Liaqut-Nehro Pact to monitor issues relating to religious minorities in Pakistan.

Liaquat-Nehro Pact was signed in 1950, among Khan Liaquat Ali Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan and Pundit Jawaharlal Nehro, Prime Minister of India, for formation of independent “Minority Commission” for protection of rights of minorities in respective states.

In India, National Minority Commission headed by Justice is protecting religious and equal rights of Indian Muslims since 1951, but Pakistan never constituted such Commission in Pakistan.

The so-called “National Minority Commission” in Pakistan is headed by Prime Minister of Pakistan which has never called for any presentation of minority activists on legislation regarding their issues.

If there was independent “Minority Commission” in Pakistan then PTA directives on obscene words might have been referred to such forum for public presentations.

Dr. Nazir S Bhatti demanded removal of word Jesus Christ from list of obscene words for text messages on mobile phones and urged PTA to include words “Infidel or Kafir” “Bangi” and “Choora” which spread hate among religious communities.

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