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Pakistan Christian Congress demands release of Iranian Pastor Yusuf Nadarkhani

Karachi: October 1, 2011. (PCP) Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC has expressed grave concern on conviction of Pastor Yousuf Nadarkhani to death on fabricated charges of Apostasy by an Iranian Islamic court.

Pastor Yusuf Nadarkhani aged 32 was running a House Church in Gilan province of Islamic Iran and arrested under charges of Apostasy in 2009.

According to Islamic Sharia law an Apostate is liable to death because he denies prophecy of Prophet Mohammad and converts to any other religion.

Pastor Nadarkhani continuously denied charges that he was a Muslim in proceedings of lower court and also denied to recant in higher court deal to withdraw his sentence.

Islamic Republic of Iran has majority population of Shia Islamic sects where sects of Sunni Islam and other religious minorities have been under constant oppression after Islamic Revolution of 1979.

The majority of Christians and Bahai religious communities left their homeland after Islamic Revolution on fear of life on imposition of Shia Islamic Sharia laws in Iran.

In a statement issued here today by Central Council Secretariat of PCC, Dr. Nazir Bhatti said that Islamic Iran is not a state of tolerant society where religious freedom is not practiced and trial of Pastor Nadarkhani has exposed it.

Islamic Iran is killing Sunni Muslims in Eastern Iran and oppressing other religious minorities to flee from their native land.

Bhatti said “Iran denies Holocaust and demands end of Israel but never comments on creation of Pakistan founded on hate and religion”

Pakistan Christian Congress PCC Chief Dr. Nazir S Bhatti demanded withdrawal of fabricated case against Pastor Yusuf Nadarkhani and his immediate release.

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