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National Harmony Ministry cannot be substitute of Minority Ministry of Pakistan

Lasbela: July 31, 2011. (PCP)  According to the reports two more bullet-riddled bodies were found from Liyari area of Uthal on Saturday, Balochistan Levies said. According to Tehsildar Illahi Baksh, locals informed the Levies Thana about the dead bodies. Levies personnel went to the area and shifted the dead bodies to a hospital in Uthal.
The identities of the bodies were established through pieces of paper recovered from each body, identifying them as Sharbat Marri, son of Ahmed Khan Marri and Zaman Marri, son of Bangal Marri, both residents of Windar, a town in district Lasbela.
Sources at the hospital confirmed that the victims had been brutally tortured and then shot to death.
Both victims were abducted by the Pakistani intelligence agencies and Frontier Corps (FC) on 30th April 2011 along with 17 family members including three women and five children in a raid on an isolated, Marri Baloch populated, area in Windar town of Balochistan.
Local sources said that more than dozen vehicles of Pakistani security forces and intelligence agencies Personnel besieged a small village of Marri Baloch and carry out a search operation for several hours. The security force found nothing harmful or illegal in possession of the villagers. The entire population has been made hostages in their houses, brutally tortured and humiliated the women and children and eventually arrested 19 people”.
The arrested and disappeared people include three women, five children, 80 years old head of the house Ahmad Khan S/o Peerhan Marri, Shabbo Marri, Rahmdil Marri sons of Ahmad Khan Marri, Zaman khan Marri, Nadir khan Marri, Kareem Baksh Marri sons of Bangul Khan Marri, Rasool Baksh Marri, Noor Khan Marri sons of Gahwar Khan Marri, Fazal s/o Lashkari Marri, Wazeer Khan s/o Miroo Khan Marri and Nazar Marri.
It’s worth mentioning here that six members of same family previously killed by the Pakistani military in custody after the abduction. The bullet riddled body of Ahmad Khan Marri was found along with another relative Wazeer Khan Marri on 2nd june 2011 from Uthal area of Lasbela.Ahmad Khan Marri was father of Sharbat Khan Marri.Sharbat Khan Marri’s brother Sohbat Khan Marri was also killed in custody of Pakistani security forces, his brutally tortured bullet riddled body was found on 26th December 2010 from Dagari area of Dasht whereas the bullet riddled body of another relative Arzi Khan Marri was found from zero point Uthal on 14th February 2011.
Both Sohbat Khan Marri and Arzi Khan Marri were off-loaded from a passenger van and abducted by Pakistani intelligence agencies when they going to Windar from Hub town of Balochistan on 28th September 2010 .

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