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No one can dare to Ban Holy Bible in Pakistan. Nazir Bhatti

Karachi: June 3, 2011. (PCP) The Central Council of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC have strongly condemned statement of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (Samiul Haq) leader Maulana Abdul Rauf Farooqi,s call to Supreme Court of Pakistan to ban Holy Bible in Pakistan.

The PCC Central Executive Council Secretariat issued here response of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC Chief Dr. Nazir S Bhatti to JUI (S) leader’s desecrating remarks about Holy Bible.

Dr. Bhatti said that Holy Bible is only True scripture to lead humankind to eternal life and there are no doubts about Health of Holy Bible which an illiterate Muslim cleric have alleged in his press conference in Lahore.

Dr. Bhatti clarified “ The Christianity is only religion on globe that have spiritual, scientific and historical evidence to prove Health of Holy Bible unless Islamic World have only copy of Holy Quran preserved in Tashkent Museum written in Kofi language in 300 years according to Hijra Calendar”

“ It is Islamic History which calls Caliph Omar as “Mujtaba-ul-Quran” mean a Title for Hazrat Omar on “Compiling Holy Quran” The Islamic History goes on to state that during rule of Caliph Omar, different Muslim Tribes were reciting different editions of Holy Quran, therefore Caliph Omar ordered every Tribe to assemble in with their versions of Holy Quran. The Islamic History further reads that Caliph Omar collected copies of Holy Quran from every Tribe and burnt them. Then Caliph Omar called who were experts in recitation of Holy Quran and ordered them to recite Verse by Verse. When one Verse was seconded by other Quran reciter, It was written and likewise Hazrat Omar compiled Holy Quran but Islamic World is unable to present that copy to the world even” said Nazir Bhatti, presenting Islamic history.

Dr. Bhatti said that JUI (S) have Islamic Madrassa in Akhora Khatak which have produce Taliban not Islamic Scholars because this leading Akhora Khatak school in former NWFP province have never thought their students science and technology that JUI (S) Moulana Farooqi have known that manuscripts of Holy Bible are preserved in many Museums and Scholars have translated it in different languages.

If JUI(S) leader files an appeal in Supreme Court of Pakistan it will be dismissed in preliminary hearing because Judges have studied in 20th century education model not in Akhora Khatak Maddrassa.

Nazir Bhatti said “The Islamists elements have been desecrating Holy Bible and Burning Holy Bibles during their attacks on Churches in Pakistan as illiterate Maulana Farooqi have desecrated Holy Bible in his press conference in Lahore”

Nazir Bhatti said that Pakistan Christian Congress PCC will announce its line if action if JUI(S) will file petition to ban Holy Bible in Pakistan.

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