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Pakistan Christian Congress demands immediate release of Asia Bibi

Karachi: November 12, 2010. (PCP) Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, Chief of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC have demanded withdrawal of false blasphemy case of Asia Bibi and her immediate release from jail.

Asia Bibi, a Christian woman arrested under blasphemy law in 2009, and sentenced to death by District and Session Judge on November 7, 2010, have spread wave of anger and fear among 20 million Pakistani Christian.

Nazir Bhatti said “Arrest and conviction of Asia Bibi is worst shape of Interfaith dialogue in Pakistan when she commented on Islam and Prophet Mohammad and charged”

Asia Bibi, was just replying to Muslim women who were commenting on Christianity and calling Christians infidel while she opposed and called Islam a fake religion on which she was beaten and charged under blasphemy law subject to death penalty according to Pakistan Penal Code on June 19, 2009, in village Ittanwali, district Nankana Sahib, which was sub-district of Seikhupura in Punjab province of Pakistan.

Nazir Bhatti said “ President of Pakistan or Interior Minster can withdraw any case according to constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan and there are examples that cases of terrorism have been withdrawn by government of Pakistan then why Pakistani administration is silent on sentence of Asia Bibi”

“20 million Christians in Pakistan are treated as 2nd class citizens and denied justice in Pakistan by Islamic governments which never feel ashamed to release Muslim criminals and terrorists” said Nazir Bhatti

“Pakistan presented “Defamation of Religion” resolution in United Nations Human Right Council in Geneva to implement blasphemy law on globe but world must know what are intentions of Muslim world if it is passed by UN general assembly” added Mr. Bhatti

Meanwhile Nelson Alfred, a human right activist and Pakistani Christian based in Canada commented “All will agree this is bizarre contortions of governments’ acquiescence with the Muslim Extremists, which has put the name of justice, fair play and equal citizen irrespective of religion to shame. I am sure will never be accepted as something any nation will be proud of.. This time, the Chinese government has written officially to several European governments, asking them not to participate in the ceremonies surrounding the award of the Nobel Peace Prize in Sweden next month. The reason, of course, is that the winner in the abuse of justice are no one but the Taliban’s, which I am sure will be ruling Pakistan on day soon in future. This once again proves, that western theory that ignoring human rights in Muslims countries is so fragile, that Taliban although not in government can easily subvert it at any time they will to. This is total failure and challenges the western governments choice between “challenging the Islamic judicial system and developing friendly ties with Islamic Countries. Death sentence to Poor and innocent Aisha Bibi smacks of gross violation of international Human Rights and civilization overreaction. Everyone is perfectly at liberty to disagree, it surely does not give anyone right to try and coerce others to agree. And to teach them a lesson files false charges and condemn them to death. This is total travesty of the laws of the civilized world.

Now it is duty of the Christian Diasporas and the civilized at large to come together and lobby against this type of justice system“.




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