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Pakistan Christian Congress nominates Watson Gill as Coordinator in EU

PCC Central Council discussed negative effects on Christian issues due to solo flight of different Christian denominations and clergy in Pakistan.

The PCC leaders affirmed that campaign for rights of Christians have been damaged on International forums by statements of Church leaders who are using religion media to promote Vatican banned ‘Liberation Theology” in Pakistan.

Pakistan Christian Congress PCC Council expressed grave concern on cases of blasphemy against Christians in Punjab province of Pakistan and decided to send communiqué to Punjab Council of PCC to initiate public awareness to repeal blasphemy law before PCC files lawsuit in Supreme Court of Pakistan to challenge this controversial law.

PCC Council also decided to present a memorandum to European Union EU to highlight situation of 20 million Pakistani Christians as biggest religious minority in Pakistan facing severe persecution but put on second line in EU resolution on Religious Freedom of 2010.

Pakistan Christian Congress Council also approved nomination of Mr. Watson Gill as Coordinator of PCC in EU and hoped that Mr. Gill will successfully promote Pakistani Christian issues in EU.

Mr. Watson Gill had long association with PCC and have been member Central Council of Pakistan Christian Congress for decade.

Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC congratulated Mr. Watson Gill on his nomination as PCC Coordinator in EU.

PCC Central Council meeting passed a resolution condemning terrorist incidents and urged government to adopt necessary measure to protect life and property of citizens.

In an other resolution, PCC appealed to Church leadership to refrain from issuing statements in media because it is damaging Pakistani Christian cause on international forums.

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