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PCC Struggle for inclusion of religion column

Inclusion of Religion Column in National Identity Card.


In October, 1992, the Federal Minister for Religious and Minorities affair, Chief of Religious Political Party, Jamiat Ulma e Pakistan, Moulana Abdul Sattar Khan Niazi, announced the decision of inclusion of religion column in the National Identity Card. The administration of identity card felled under the Ministry of Interior affairs, but this religious Muslim leader as minority minister along with other religious leaders in National Assembly of Pakistan enforced this anti-Christian law. Pakistan Christian Congress condemned this decision of the government and said that its implementation would promote the divisive tendencies in Pakistan society and shall harm the country’s integrity and sprit of ' oneness ' among the people of Pakistan as a nation, declaring it unjust and unwise. PCC has the view that it was against the principles laid down in constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan of 1973.

On oct.31,1992, PCC organized a protest rally at regal Chowk, saddar, Karachi, when the military operation in Sind Province was on way and all the public gatherings were prohibited. Pakistan Christian Congress took out the procession as announced in press conference. The Karachi Police arrested 32 leaders and members of PCC under section 151 Cr PC( apprehension of the breach of peace)

When we go in details of this decision of insertion of religion column in national identity card of the government of Pakistan, we keep in consideration that since 1947, Independence of Pakistan; The Muslim religious political parties demands to ban the Christian evangelism and revival of Muslim society, having intimate fear of Christian teaching was observed, but existing laws in constitution "constitution of Pakistan 1956' and' constitution of peoples of Pakistan 1962' prevented to put apartheid in the different religious communities of Pakistan. In 1973 the "Islamic Republic of Pakistan" constitution was passed by the legislation Assembly of Pakistan, adopting the' objective resolution' as preamble of the constitution, As the objective resolution, stating the Islamic system shall be the Government of Pakistan, objective resolution, Being part of constitution of 1973, encourage such forces interested in implementation of Islamic laws ,the supremacy of Quran laws and Sunnah with impression that Gods is only for Muslims and all those who do not believe in Islam, have not any right to enjoy equal right in Islamic republic of Pakistan, in social economic and political fields, as it was assumed now that Pakistan is only for Muslim, neglecting the sacrifice and support of Christian in Pakistan movement, more over the fear of Christian evangelist having supernatural and universal attitude of attraction for peace ,love and righteousness was felt major obstacle by the illiterate and in majority Muslim religions leaders in Pakistan . in reaction the Friday sermons turned to be platforms to condemn Christianity and publication of martial against Christian of Pakistan increased immensely . these were proposal by Muslim religions leaders from decades to allocate a special color of clothes and turban for Christians identification on street’s same like the Hindu society in early ages when schedule casts were forced to wear particular color turbans. The action of PCC was highly appreciated by Christians in Pakistan and national news papers published the PCC campaign against government oppression.


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