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Opportunities for youth

Youth is really future of every nation. Before independent of Pakistan, Christian community were agriculturists in western India, the leaders of all India Muslim league promised to allotment of unit of lands to Christian in Pakistan and a seprate regiment in pak armed forces as they having during British rule. After 1947 a stead of providing then with agricultural lands, took away lands from which they were cult rating from decider and destibrited among Muslim immigrants from India. Christian in armed orces
was laid off and this caused economic cries among then. There was another class among Christian who were inflated with missionory workers and got the opportunities of education. The were have strong hold or education and health departments of Pakistan.

Like Christian sensing the Pakistan peoples party nation ale Sid the 1977, Christian schools, collages and hospital and whole community suffered in crisis. The unemployment among Christian forced then to more to towns and city and forced to choose the sanitation jobs which Muslim were performing from centuries in western provinces of India and were facing late on profession and religion grounds from Hindu community. Now the worst type of late was generated for Christian in Pakistan. When in a community there are no opportunities of education for youth, its clear facts that economic condition cannot he improved.

There were reserved seats for Kashmir Refugees, Governors seats, Chief Minster seats, Minster seats, Teacher seats, Businessman seats, but unfortunate in seats were reserved for Christian in higher academic institutions and professional collages. There was 5% quota of jobs in government and semi-Government department's wild was allseed in 1966, & such cicumstances the doors of education and employment were closed on Christian in Pakistan. Pakistan Christian congress demand rights of education youth and straggle for the future in Pakistan.

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