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Malaika Sabir aged 13, a Christian minor seeking for Justice

Lahore: May 23, 2019. (PCP) The protection of the freedom of religious belief and practice of all communities was indeed the predominant right asserted in several propositions and resolutions passed by the All India Muslim League. One of the famous 14 Points enumerated by Mohammad Ali Jinnah on proposed constitutional changes was “full religious liberty, ie, liberty of belief, worship and observance, propaganda, association and education shall be guaranteed to all communities.” Thus, the very genesis of Pakistan is grounded in the protection of the religious rights of all, especially those of minorities.

Malaika Sabir d/o Sabir Masih aged 13, resident of a small village of Rawind dirctrist Lahore is a student of 5th class. She was sexually harassed by a local Muslim named Riassat s/o Sona cast Jatt who forcefully entered in the house and harassed Malaika and tried to rape her. 

She is a second child of her parents among three sisters and two brothers. On April 4, 2019 Pastor and his wife both were in the field and children stayed at home in routine. Elder son went to his tuition center to attend his classes and others went to the nearby shop to bring some candies and also to buy chapaties’ (Pakistani bread) meanwhile Malaika was alone at home. At about 5 in the evening a stranger Riassat Ali nocked at the door and forcefully entered in to the house. Malaika inquired the reason why he came to her house; the man threatened her for life and asked her to keep quite. 

Talking to Katherine Sapna Director CTS Malaika informed that “He was a stupid dirty man. He wanted to hurt me; I was shocked at once and scared because my mummy and papa was not at home to safe me. The man I never seen before and I do not know his name wanted to rape me. I was frightened and I started shouting and crying for help and a Muslim Neighbor Mohammad Yasar s/o Mohammad Din and his wife followed my cries and rushed to my home to rescue me. When my aggressor saw an uncle and aunty he ran away from the crime scene. 

Pastor said that Mohammad Yasar and his wife was very helpful to Malaika, they made a call to the Pastor and his wife and informed about the incident and also took care of Malaika who was shivering in fear and weeping until her parents came back to home he added.

Pastor Sabir Masih has registered a case FIR 591/19 offense under section 376 and 511 against Riassat Ali s/o Sona Jatt in the police station Raiwind City district Lahore on the same day April 04, 2019 with influence of Mohammad Yasar s/o Mohammad Din. A week later the locals showed a less interest in this sensitive case and not willing to support this Christian family anymore. 

 Sabir Masih s/o Rafique Masih is an assistant Pastor of a protestant church for last 19 years and served in a community church at City Raiwind Lahore. About three months ago he was transferred to a small village church name Babalyana Ottar Raiwind for Pastoral services.

Pastor along with his mother Rehmat Bibi, wife Azra Bibi and 6 children living in this small village mostly populated with Muslim fanatic families. Pastor and his wife both are very active in the community and serving the Lord our God together. 

 Weeks ago Pastor noticed that he has been watched by a few people in the locality but he did ignore and kept busy in his religious activities. He trust Lords protection and he believe that our living God is the guard of his house and children so he has no worries while spending time in the communities by sharing the word of God.  

Pastor and his wife approached Christian’s True Spirit – CTS for legal assistance as the police did not arrested the accused Riassat Ali even the case FIR was registered. CTS team visited the police station and through phone calls was influenced over the police and urged for the arrest of the accused. With the efforts of CTS the local Police arrested Riassat Ali on April 20, 2019 and sent him to the Judicial Lockup. 

Since the time Pastor and his family is under life threats and they seeking for protection to live in peace. The Muslims in the village have join hands and pressuring this poor Christian family for compromise on sexually harassing and raping a Christian minor girl. For them raping a Christian girl is not a serious matter or it’s not a crime. 

The accused Riassat Ali has applied for the post arrest bail in the session’s court Lahore on May 20, 2019. After this bail petition Pastor and his family facing more pressure and threats for compromise and withdrawn the case. They are on serious threats by Riassat Ali family to face the consequences if they are not agreeing for the reconciliation. 

 On Tuesday May 09, 2019 Pastor Sabir Masih along with his daughter Malaika approached Christians’ True Spirit – CTS for safety and shelter to his family.

Katheirne Sapna and her team have assured the family to provide legal assistance as well as security at Panah of Christians’ True Spirit – CTS. 


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