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PCC demands formation of Christian Personal Law Board Pakistan

Karachi: October 15, 2016. (PCP) Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC has said in statement that to register Christian marriages, to issue decrees of divorce of Christian couples and to award permission of marriage to Christian couple by Muslim Judges and Muslim Registrars is unconstitutional and  against Christian Marriage Act of 1872 which is in practice in Pakistan.

Section 7, of Christian Marriage Act 1872, clearly states “Marriage Registrars.— The Provincial Government may appoint one or more Christians, either by name or as holding any office for any district subject to its administration: Senior marriage Registrars. Where there are more marriage Registrars than one in any district, the Provincial Government shall appoint one of them to be the Senior Marriage Registrar: Magistrate when to be Marriage Registrar. When there is only one Marriage Registrar in a district, and such Registrar is absent from such district, or, ill, or when his office is temporarily vacant, the Magistrate of the district shall act, as, and be, Marriage Registrar thereof during such absence, illness or temporary vacancy”. But government of Pakistan have never appointed any Christian as Registrar in any district but given powers to Muslim magistrates which are against Personal Law of Christians.

Dr. Bhatti said “Christian Personal Law or family law consists of Adoption, Divorce, Guardianship, Marriage and Succession which not match to Muslim Personal Law but unfortunately Muslims are designated by government of Pakistan to issue judgements on Christian Personal Law”

PCC Chief said that Government of Pakistan propagates on every level that rights of Muslim minority are not safe guarded in India but never takes any step to protect rights of Christian, Hindu and Ahmadi Muslim in Pakistan who are victims of Sharia Laws, persecution and oppression.

Indian government formed Indian Muslim Personal Law Board which is independent and powerful to take decisions of Islamic laws implementation from 1950 after signing of Liaquat-Nehru Pact but Pakistan have never acted accordingly on formation of National Minority Commission.

The books by Christian leader and Advocate Emmanuel Zafar on “Christian Marriage Law” and “Christian Divorce Law” are way for government of Pakistan to re-constitute Christian Personal Law in Pakistan but government have never paid due attention on it.

Dr. Nazir Bhatti demanded formation of Christian Personal Law Board Pakistan for protection of their religious identity that Christian Judges may award verdicts on Christian Personal issues instead of Muslims.


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