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Muslims divided Indian subcontinent on treatment as untouchable by Hindu majority

Karachi: June 19, 2016. (PCP)It is historic fact that All India Muslim League initiated Pakistan Movement on hate from Hindu majority in sub-continent of India because Muslims were treated as “Un-touchable” by Hindus said Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC in a statement issued here today from Central Secretariat of PCC.

Dr. Nazir Bhatti was commenting on sad incident of Christian Ice-Cream vendor who was attacked by Muslim mob in Kasur district of Punjab province on selling eatable to Muslim children as being a Christian he was “Untouchable” while Islam prohibits any edible prepared or sold by “Kafirs” who are untouchables.

“If even shadow of any Muslim was observed by any Hindu when he was heading towards Temple for prayers then Hindus were taking bath and then entering in Temple; Muslims were prohibited to eat and drink in utensils in any restaurant in which Hindu were dining; Because Hindus were treating Muslims as un-touchable in subcontinent of India; On such height of hate on basis of religion Muslims decided to form All India Muslim League and raised slogan of formation of Pakistan that Muslims may have separate land where they may live like human beings” argued PCC Chief ; on division of sub-continent of India and independence of Pakistan in 1947.

Nazir Bhatti said that Muslims in Pakistan are treating Christians, Hindus and other religious minorities as Un-touchable as Hindus were treating Muslims.

Apart from incident of Christian Ice-cream vendor in Kasur district, it is fact that Christians in Punjab province of Pakistan cannot dine in any dinner or roadside vendor.

It is on record that one Christian Member of National Assembly of Pakistan had to pay for plates in which he and his friends have eaten when Muslim vendor came to know that he is Christian; That Christian MNA raised a privilege motion in National Assembly but no action was taken against that Muslim vendor.

In summer when Muslims drink water from Coolers put by some NGO or municipal councils on roadsides; any Christian cannot drink in same glasses or cups chained with them weather thirsty.

There have been 22 Amendments in constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan of 1973 but none is legislated to end hate on religion grounds.

Dr. Nazir S Bhatti demanded Prime Minister of Pakistan to legislate laws which may end hate among different sections of society that Christians may not be treated like untouchable. 

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