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No justice on lynching of Christian Children, Women and Men by Muslim mobs in Pakistan

Karachi: March 22, 2015. (PCP) Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC has said that Pakistani Christians are demanding answer from Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Shahbaz Sharif and Interior Federal Minister Chowdhry Nisar that where are those Muslim culprit who burnt alive 8 Christian children, women and elderly man in Gojra when Muslim mob attacked Christian Town on August 1, 2009, lynching of Christian couple in brick kiln furnace in Kot Radha Kishan on November 4, 2014 and recently another Christian young adult Sunny Masih have been burnt alive in brick kiln factory in Sheikhupura on  March 20, 2015?

To burn any human being alive is a heinous crime and crime against humanity which everyone must condemn it and justice must be ensure while culprits should be punished who so ever are involved in such crimes but draw lines among Christian or Ahmadiyyia or Muslim victim is also a crime against humanity.

Mian Shahbaz Sharif was also Chief Minister of Punjab when Muslim mob attacked Christian Town Gojra on pretext to blasphemy law destroying 60 homes of Christians and burning alive 8 Christian children, women and one elderly man on August 1, 2009:

“The millions of Pakistan Christians are asking questions to Mian Shahbaz Sharif who was Chief Minister Punjab that where are those Muslims who burnt alive 8 Christians in Gogra? Was any one punished? No: The police officers who turned their eyes and gave free hand to Muslim mob to burn Christians then who promoted those Muslim police officers? Mian Shahbaz Sharif promoted those police official? Mian Shahbaz Sharif, you were chief executive of Punjab province when Muslim culprits burnt alive Christians but walked free from courts because police under your administration filed flawed charge sheets to safe Muslim criminals: Mian Nawaz Sharif you are now Prime Minister of Pakistan as leader of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz Group PML (N) and your brother Shahbaz Sharif was Chief Minister of Punjab as leader of PML (N) and Ch. Nisar you are Federal Interior Minister of Government of Pakistan as leader of PML (N) and in 2009 when 8 Christians were burnt alive you were Member National Assembly of Pakistan from PML (N): Therefore, Ch. Nisar, Mian Shahbaz Sharif  and Mian Nawaz Sharif must answer to Christians of Pakistan that where are Muslim criminals who burnt alive 8 Christians in Gojra” said Nazir Bhatti

PCC Chief said “Ch. Nisar as a Federal Interior Minister of Government of Pakistan why you not issued any statement on floor of House when Christian couple was lynched in furnace of brick kiln factory on November 2014 in Kot Radha Kishan? Why you remained silent on it because they were Christian? When Supreme Court of Pakistan took Suo Motto notice on burning of Christian couple the Attorney General of Pakistan submitted report that Muslim mob of 1200 is not responsible for lynching Christian couple but police party is responsible who not fired warning shots in air to disperse mob: Is it your justice for Christian that you safe Muslim mob who threw Christian couple in kiln furnace? Why Mian Shahbaz Sharif as Chief Minister of Punjab not ordered police to act on law and to file FIR from parents of lynched couple? Christian of Pakistan demand answer from CH. Nisar and Mian Shahbaz that why Muslim killers of Christian couple are walking free?”

Nazir Bhatti pointed out that on March 20, 2015; Christian young man named Sunny Masih was thrown in Brick Kiln furnace and burnt alive by its Kiln factory Muslim owner Jajji Dogar in Sheikhupura but PML (N) administration is silent on it because Sunny Masih is a Christian not a Muslim.

Dr. Nazir Bhatti said that Pakistani Christian want answer on burning of Christian children, women and men by Muslim mobs in one week from Ch. Nisar and Mian Shahbaz Sharif.

If Pakistan Government and Punjab government not told Pakistani Christians that what punishment is awarded to Muslim culprits who burnt alive Christian children, women and men then Pakistan Christian Congress PCC will raise issue of Christians lynching on International forums.

Dr. Nazir Bhatti warned that to treat Christians as 2nd class citizen in Pakistan will result in serious consequences and unacceptable. 

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