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Christian condemn statement of Lahore Bishop to enforce Islamic Sharia

Karachi: January 22, 2015. (PCP) The anger spread among Pakistani Christians when a Bishop named Irfan Jamil of Church of Pakistan Lahore Diocese demand enforcement of Islamic Sharia law on national forum organized by Mir Khalil Ur Rahman Foundation of founder of Jang Media Group and World Council of Religion in which Muslim-Christian religious and political leaders participated on January 19, 2015, in Lahore.

In his speech Rt. Rev. Irfan Jamil of Church of Pakistan very surprisingly demand to enforce Islamic Sharia Law in Pakistan to promote peace and harmony in Pakistan.

It is not first time that any Anglican Bishop have demanded Islamic Sharia law but one retired Bishop of Lahore Dioceses of Church of Pakistan who claims to be champion of human rights and pretends himself against persecution of minorities under blasphemy law joined hands with Premier Nawaz Sharif on stage during International Jurist Conference in Lahore in 1998 and openly welcomed legislation of Islamic Sharia law which carried blasphemy law, Hadood Ordinance and laws of evidence and compensation.

These Church of Pakistan and Catholic Church of Pakistan religious leaders stabbed in back of Christians for their vested interests on intimation of establishment to impose Joint Electorate System and to abolish Separate Electorate System which empowered Christian voters to elect by their votes their representatives in parliament in 1992 national general elections.

When Muslim-Christian are fighting war against TTP to reject their call of enforcement of Islamic Sharia law in Pakistan, the voice of Bishop Irfan Jamil is very surprising not for Christians but majority of Muslims who ready to uphold supremacy of constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan of 1973.

Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan have strongly condemned statement of Bishop Irfan Jamil of Church of Pakistan Lahore Dioceses and urged Christian clergy to refrain from giving such comment which can damage role of Christians in democratic institutions which is already very limited negating fundamental constitutional rights.

“I appeal national and international electronic media not to invite these Bishops in their Talk Shows or  other print media forums because they are not well educated in political science but making their two ends meet of life on donations and change their tone when visiting abroad condemning blasphemy laws but supporting Sharia laws when in Pakistan” said Nazir Bhatti

Mr. Farrukh Saif, Chief of Farrukh Saif Foundation have also condemned demand of Bishop Irfan Jamil to enforce Sharia law in Pakistan and urged him to withdraw his comments immediately.

Mr. Saif further added that he support Pakistan Armed Forces operation against Tehreek Talban Pakistan TTP and rejects their conspiracy to impose their Islamic Sharia Law in Pakistan.

“Pakistani Church and Political leadership is always a puppet in the hands of the Government of Pakistan; its clear impact has been seen in the conference when the Sitting Bishop of Lahore Irfan Jamil during his statement stated that “Pakistan needs Sharia for peace” said Mr. Farrukh Saif 

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